Legible Government helps you easily follow federal and state legislation, pending bills, and other government activity with customized, real-time updates.

Legible Government is for everyone.
Government Relations Professionals

Simplify your workflow and utilize powerful search tools to protect your bottom line

Associations and Businesses

Get fast and accurate updates on government actions affecting your industry

Grassroots and Advocacy

Monitor legislation important to your cause

Government Agencies

Stay up to date on all state and federal legislative activity

Why track legislation?

The actions of government affect our businesses, our communities and our lives. New laws can bring big and costly changes to healthcare, taxes, banking and just about every other area that touches your livelihood.

With tens of thousands of bills introduced each year on the federal and state level, it can be expensive and time consuming to keep track of legislation that impacts you. We at Legible Government believe the laws and lawmakers that govern us should be accessible to everyone, not just highly trained specialists.

So, we make uncomplicated, affordable tools to help keep you informed and tapped into the democratic process. Get started!

Need an API?

Ours is robust, well documented, and ready to meet all your integration needs.